The 8th Asian Conference on Tumor Ablation

Beyond Technical Success
October 21-23, 2022

Osstem Implant Twin Tower, Seoul, Korea

Scientific Program

Room 1 (Liver)
09:00~10:20 Session 1: Liver Tumor Ablation: At the Beginning
Chairs TBD, Yong Moon Shin (Korea)
09:00~09:20 Liver ablation: Basic physics, indication and complication Jeong Kyong Lee (Korea)
09:20~09:40 Various energy source for liver tumor ablation: Which one? Zhiqiang Meng (China)
09:40~10:00 Liver ablation: Various guiding modality - US fusion and CEUS Shinichiro Nakamura (Japan)
10:00~10:20 Liver ablation: Various guiding modality - CT Suyash Kulkarni (India)
10:20~10:40 Opening Ceremony
10:40~11:00 Coffee Break
11:00~12:20 Plenary Session I: Universe of Liver Tumor Ablation with ACTA
Chairs Kai-Wen Huang (Taiwan), Pyo Nyun Kim (Korea)
11:00~11:20 Cure of small HCC with local ablation: Korean perspective Hyunchul Rhim (Korea)
11:20~11:40 Role of local ablation for HCC in North America: Bridging to transplantation David Lu (USA)
11:40~12:00 Microwave ablation versus laparoscopic resection as first-line therapy for solitary 3–5-cm HCC Ping Liang (China)
12:00~12:20 Local ablation for colorectal cancer liver metastasis: Long-term experience Luigi Solbiati (Italy)
12:20~13:00 Luncheon Symposium 1 (Sponsored by STARmed Co., Ltd.)
Chair Jeong Min Lee (Korea)
12:20~12:35 RFA with multiple electrodes for small-sized HCCs Min Woo Lee (Korea)
12:35~12:50 RFA with multiple electrodes for medium-sized HCCs Jin Woong Kim (Korea)
12:50~13:00 Q&A
13:00~14:00 Lunch Break
14:00~15:30 Session 2: Management for Very Early Stage HCC: Where are We?
Chairs Masatoshi Tanaka (Japan), Young Joon Lee (Korea)
14:00~14:20 Update in surveillance of HCC: We need small HCC Joon-Il Choi (Korea)
14:20~14:40 Treatment for very early stage HCC: What we should consider? Tatsuya Yamashita (Japan)
14:40~15:00 New era of hepatic resection for HCC: Laparoscopic liver resection Ming Kuang (China)
15:00~15:20 Local ablation for very early stage HCC: Becoming standard Luigi Solbiati (Italy)
15:20~15:30 Discussion
15:30~15:50 Coffee Break
15:50~17:00 Session 3: Various Weapon for Liver Tumor beside Thermal Ablation: From Bench to Bedside
Chairs Young Jun Kim (Korea), Jin Woong Kim (Korea)
15:50~16:05 IRE for liver tumor Kai-Wen Huang (Taiwan)
16:05~16:20 Radiotherapy for small liver tumor Tomoki Kimura (Japan)
16:20~16:35 Transarterial treatment: TACE and TARE for small liver tumor Gyoung Min Kim (Korea)
16:35~16:50 Histotripsy for liver tumor Paul Laeseke (USA)
16:50~17:00 Discussion
17:00~17:55 Session 4: Liver Tumor Ablation: Consideration of Location
Chairs Dong Jin Chung (Korea), Min Woo Lee (Korea)
17:00~17:15 Perivascular tumor: How to treat Xiaoyan Xie (China)
17:15~17:30 Subdiaphragmatic tumor: How to treat Jin Woong Kim (Korea)
17:30~17:45 Perihilar tumor: How to treat Arvind K Chaturvedi (India)
17:45~17:55 Discussion
Room 1 (Liver)
09:00~10:30 Session 5: Forward to Precision: Beyond Technical Success for Liver Tumor Ablation
Chairs Paul Laeseke (USA), Jeong Kyong Lee (Korea)
09:00~09:20 Prediction of HCC biology using Gadoxetic acid enhanced liver MR Sunyoung Lee (Korea)
09:20~09:40 Construction of prognosis model using radiomics for HCC patients Manxia Lin (China)
09:40~10:00 Prediction of prognosis after HCC treatment Dong Ho Lee (Korea)
10:00~10:20 Tumor with aggressive biology: How to manage with ablation? David Lu (USA)
10:20~10:30 Discussion
10:30~10:50 Coffee Break
10:50~12:20 Plenary Session II: Current and Future Perspective of Liver Tumor Ablation
Chairs Masatoshi Tanaka (Japan), Min Woo Lee (Korea)
10:50~11:10 Where are we in guideline for HCC management? Jeong Min Lee (Korea)
11:10~11:30 Maximize the border of ablation: How to manage medium sized HCC with ablation? Chen-Chun Lin (Taiwan)
11:30~11:50 Landscape change in the liver tumor ablation: Key innovation with emerging technology Paul Laeseke (USA)
11:50~12:10 Role of local ablation in the era of immunotherapy Yasunori Minami (Japan)
12:10~12:20 Discussion
12:20~13:30 Luncheon Symposium 3
13:30~15:00 Session 6: Better Care with Liver Tumor Ablation
Chairs Jung Wook Seo (Korea), TBD
13:30~13:50 RFA with multiple electrodes and no touch technique: Better way to control the HCC Min Woo Lee (Korea)
13:50~14:10 Combination of transarterial therapy and ablation for HCC: When and how to do? Sheng-Nan Lu (Taiwan)
14:10~14:30 Laparoscopic ablation for HCC: When and how to do? Ming Kuang (China)
14:30~14:50 How to prevent and manage complications in ablation? Shuichiro Shiina (Japan)
14:50~15:00 Discussion
15:00~15:20 Coffee Break
15:20~16:40 Session 7: Best Abstract Presentation
Chairs Jeong Min Lee (Korea), Jung Hwan Baek (Korea)
15:20~15:30 Percutaneous CT/MRI-US fusion system guided radiofrequency ablation with artificial ascites or pleural effusion in patients with hepatocellular carcinomas in difficult locations: the feasibil ity rate and mid-term outcome Jae Hyun Kim (Korea)
15:30~15:40 Comparison of thermal ablation and surgery for hepatocellular carcinoma after downstaging with Yttrium-90 radioembolization Chih-Horng Wu (Taiwan)
15:40~15:50 Percutaneous ablation therapy for local control of metastatic liver tumor Takayoshi Nakajima (Japan)
15:50~16:00 HeatSYNCTM Gel as thermal accelerant and drug-eluting system for anti-tumor agents durin g and post-ablation William Park (USA)
16:00~16:10 Radiofrequency ablation of benign thyroid nodules: Value of the anterolateral hydrodissectio n technique So Yeong Jeong (Korea)
16:10~16:20 Long-term outcomes of ultrasound-guided radiofrequency ablation in patients with intrathor acic goiter: A case series with an average follow-up of 20 months Yu Hsin Wang (Taiwan)
16:20~16:30 Localization strategy before radiofrequency ablation for primary and secondary hyperparathyroidism Chih Ying Lee (Taiwan)
16:30~16:40 TBD TBD
16:40~17:20 Poster tour
Room 1 (Liver, ACTA Session)
09:00~10:30 Session 1: Sharing the Experience with ACTA
Chairs TBD, TBD, Jung Hwan Baek (Korea)
09:00~09:10 Case of tumor ablation from Philippines Ramon Santos-Ocampo (Philippines)
09:10~09:20 Case of tumor ablation from Vietnam Le Lam Ngo (Vietnam)
09:20~09:30 Case of tumor ablation from Mongolia Erdenebulgan Batmunkh (Mongolia)
09:30~09:40 Case of tumor ablation from Pakistan Kashif Shazlee (Pakistan)
09:40~09:50 Case of tumor ablation from Malaysia Alex Tang (Malaysia)
09:50~10:00 Case of tumor ablation from Cambodia Chandy Chea (Cambodia)
10:00~10:10 Case of tumor ablation from Indonesia Rino A Gani (Indonesia)
10:10~10:20 Case of tumor ablation from Kazakhstan Niyaz Malayev (Kazakhstan)
10:20~10:30 Case of tumor ablation from Bangladesh Bishwajit Bhowmik (Bangladesh)
10:30~10:50 Coffee Break
10:50~11:40 Session 2: ACTA Committee Report
Chairs Hyunchul Rhim (Korea), Masatoshi Tanaka (Japan), Jung Hwan Baek (Korea)
10:50~11:00 Guideline committee Pei-Hong Wu (China)
11:10~11:20 Multicenter trial committee Kazuhiro Nouso (Japan)
11:20~11:30 Education committee Kai-Wen Huang (Taiwan)
11:30~11:40 Discussion
11:40~11:55 Introduction of ACTA 2023 Ming Kuang (China)
11:55~12:10 Closing Ceremony